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Rated Florida’s #1 Premium Craft Vodka and Best Vodka in the South by Southern Living Magazine, Banyan Reserve elicits the true spirit of Florida’s carefree coastal energy.

Crisp, clean, and delicate on the pallet, Banyan Reserve is made with 100% American corn mash (naturally gluten-free), 6x distilled with an 8x charcoal filtration process. Sweet hints of corn, citrus, juniper, and spice, mingle together seamlessly, embodying the complex and lively flavors of this spirit. Leaving a long and refreshing finish on the tongue, Banyan Reserve sustains a lasting legacy that celebrates the natural beauty of the Sunshine State.

Banyan Reserve’s ingredients speak to our core values. Made from the purest Florida water, harvested with 100% American corn, we traditionally column and copper pot distill our vodka six times.

And then we take a step further, ensuring the purest vodka available by using our unique 8x charcoal filtration system. Our process while patient, delivers a consistent smooth, clean taste every time.

80 Proof 40% ABV

Crisp and clean with delicate corn sweetness and a touch of roasted grain

Robust, complex, full flavor with a hint of corn sweetness and a long finish

Local Bartender - Lydia

Bartender - Salty's Gulfport

Lydia Zimmerman-Crumbaugh

“When people come to visit St. Petersburg, they have many options for entertainment. We love that they often choose local small businesses, especially ones that support other local businesses. My go-to St. Petersburg Distillery products are Banyan Reserve Vodka and Oak & Palm Coconut Rum. Banyan is so smooth, you can literally mix it with anything, or just enjoy it on the rocks. That’s why my favorite cocktail to make is a Banyan Mule. It’s light and refreshing, making it the perfect drink for the Florida heat.”

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