In the heart of our urban metamorphosis, the once overlooked parking lot now stands as a testament to the extraordinary possibilities of community convergence. As you step in The Garden, murals beneath your feet breathe life into the space, each brushstroke telling tales of creativity and expression. Shipping containers, reborn as intimate cabanas, offer refuge amidst the vibrant energy, providing pockets of coziness for conversations and connections. The air resonates with the soulful strains of live music, intertwining seamlessly with the tantalizing aroma of grass-fed boar meat sizzling on the smoker—a culinary seduction for the senses. This dynamic haven caters to all tastes with an array of bar food, embracing diverse palates, while premium cocktails flow to elevate the experience. Games unfold for the laughter of children, and the space, adaptable and flexible, effortlessly transitions from lively music events to corporate summits and intimate private parties. In this reimagined parking lot, every moment becomes a celebration of the fusion of culture, culinary delights, and shared experiences—a symphony of joy in the heart of our transformed urban landscape.

  • The 5 senses of working at a Distillery 🙌
The 5 senses of working at a Distillery 🙌
8 hours ago
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