born in st. pete

Our Story

We love our hometown, and we want to take the spirit of St. Pete all over the country and the world. People from everywhere come to visit Florida, and when they return home, we hope they bring back memories of sunshine and a taste for our high-quality spirits.

passion + experience

Our Experts

It takes much more than years of experience to be a craft liquor distiller. Drive, experimentation, and most of all, passion, is what runs through the blood of our highly skilled team.


The Restaurant

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process of distilling

Our Craft

By definition, St. Pete Distillery is a craft distillery because of the amount of spirits we produce annually and our independence in ownership and operational control. 

But, the craft goes way beyond just that.

Our ingenuity and innovative nature, adhering to our St. Pete roots, care when it comes to meticulously developing and distilling each of our small-batch spirits, along with the skill and dedication to creating spirits we are proud to serve to you, is what really makes us “craft.”

What does drinking local mean to you?

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