Master Distiller

Warren Gardener

Born on the island of Jamaica, I came to Florida as a youth and this is where I have been fortunate enough to call home for the last over 20+ years

Born to an interracial family along with dual citizenship gave me a unique opportunity to see the world in a different way than most and use my personal experiences to craft spirit items that are diverse, complex, interesting and rewarding – just like our team and our consumers! At the distillery, I get the chance to create and share these products – I find that the smallest things are the most rewarding – all it takes is a smile or a simple nod of satisfaction and it makes it all worth it .

I was brought on by a 4th Generation master distiller who trained me in multiple distilling techniques and mash bills but also taught me a great life lesson, don’t count the miracles or good deeds that you do. The most important thing is that you keep doing them. Every day I strive for perfection in all aspects in life as well as to continue to bring a smile or head nod to you, your family and friends. Please enjoy!

Outside of work: The beach, eating, watching movies and being a good dad.

Best part of my job: Winning challenges, seeing the community’s reaction, and enjoying all of our products…. responsibly!

Favorite drink: Righteous rum – I have a strong history of rum and I’m proud to say there’s no other spice rum out there like it

Assistant Distiller

Clara Robbins

Clara Robbins, Distiller


As a Chemical Engineer I was always focused on fluid flow operations, specifically distillation. It was a natural transition when I moved into the spirits industry. I began my journey moving from Sweet Home Alabama to Bourbon Country, Kentucky to be a bourbon distiller. While there, I transitioned from bourbon to vodka and gin, at that time I found my passion for gin. Gin is a beautiful spirit because no two gins are the same, the options are limitless when creating gin. 

While in Kentucky I started feeling the pull to move forward and be reunited with my family in Florida. I have so many dreams and ideas for my life in the spirits industry and knew SPD would be the place to bring those to the forefront. I picked up my life in Kentucky and set sail for Florida without looking back. I love the community at SPD and have no doubt that this is the place where I will make these wishful product ideas a reality.

Most memorable role prior to joining SPD

I joined the SPD team in December 2019, prior to that I was a gin distiller at a distillery in Kentucky. I absolutely loved my time there; I learned so much about the industry and fell in love with gin.

Outside of Work

If I’m not working in the SPD Lab, you can find me biking to a patio bar where I’ll spend all day in the sun exploring new spirits and thinking about what I want to make next.

The best part of my job

My favorite aspect of my job is working with others to create new spirits they have in their heads and bringing them to fruition. Using my abilities to bring joy to others is so special to me.

Favorite Drink

My beverage of choice is a FG&T with a squeeze of fresh orange. I want to have a full experience with gin, tasting all the botanicals that were carefully chosen, while using tonic to highlight the citrus notes in our gin.


Adam Mitton

Adam Mitten, Distiller


As a Florida transplant, born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, I am learning to love my new home state!

With an educational background in chemical engineering and experience in a variety of food manufacturing environments, I am hungry to meet the challenges at the St Petersburg Distillery head on each day.

Coming from the windy city, which helped to birth the craft movement starting in the 1980s, I have had a unique chance to see the value of locally sourced, handcrafted beer and spirits through the passion of the many craft breweries and distilleries that operate there.

I have brought that passion with me to St Pete and use it to help make some of the finest spirits Florida has to offer.

It has been a joy working with the team here and I hope that you enjoy drinking our spirits as much as we do making them. Cheers!

Most exciting and memorable job prior to SPD

Southeast Alaska Guidance Association

Outside of work

Fishing, Playing Guitar, Cooking and Baseball

Favorite Drink

Anything Old St Pete

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