Warren Gardener

Master Distiller

Born on the island of Jamaica, I came to Florida as a youth and this is where I have been fortunate enough to call home for the last over 20+ years 

Born to an interracial family along with dual citizenship gave me a unique opportunity to see the world in a different way than most and use my personal experiences to craft spirit items that are diverse, complex, interesting and rewarding – just like our team and our consumers!  At the distillery, I get the chance to create and share these products – I find that the smallest things are the most rewarding – all it takes is a smile or a simple nod of satisfaction and it makes it all worth it. 

I was brought on by a 4th Generation master distiller who trained me in multiple distilling techniques and mash bills but also taught me a great life lesson, don’t count the miracles or good deeds that you do. The most important thing is that you keep doing them.  Every day I strive for perfection in all aspects of life as well as to continue to bring a smile or head nod to you, your family and friends. Please enjoy!

Outside of work

The beach, eating, watching movies and being a good dad.

The best part of my job

Winning challenges, seeing the community’s reaction, and enjoying all of our products…. responsibly! 

Favorite drink

Righteous rum – I have a strong history of rum and I’m proud to say there’s no other spice rum out there like it.

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