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A mural of a man in a diving suit on a building.

Gibbs High School Mural Club Unveil Artistic Collaboration in St. Pete

In a fusion of art and community, St. Petersburg Distillery has teamed up with Gibbs High School Mural Club, bringing a new artistic landmark to downtown St. Pete. This vibrant mural, a product of the creative minds of local students guided by art teacher Brian McAllister, not only enhances the urban landscape but also showcases the burgeoning artistic talent within Gibbs High School Mural Club. “Matt Risley, Director of Brands and Marketing at St. Petersburg Distillery, celebrates this partnership as a commitment to local art and community engagement. This striking mural is now a beacon of creativity and collaboration, symbolizing St. Petersburg’s dedication to supporting young artists and enriching its cultural tapestry. Visit St. Petersburg to witness this stunning display of local artistry!”

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